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  • Joy Buolamwini

    Joy Buolamwini

    Founder Algorithmic Justice League. www.ajl.org | www.poetofcode.com | Telling stories that make daughters of diasporas dream and sons of privilege pause

  • NewSchools Venture Fund

    NewSchools Venture Fund

    NewSchools Venture Fund is a national nonprofit venture philanthropy working to reimagine public education.

  • Ahmad Takatkah

    Ahmad Takatkah

    At the intersection of VC, Data & Crypto. SVP Investment Research @KingsCrowd. Ex: Carta, ArzanVC, & LeapVC ::: A Kauffman Fellow

  • Anastasia Reesa Tomkin

    Anastasia Reesa Tomkin

    Writer, Visionary, War Strategist ;) If you like my writing here, you will loveee my poetry collection “Delusions of Grandeur”, now available on Amazon!

  • Roger Ehrenberg

    Roger Ehrenberg

    founding partner @iaventures. earliest days at The Trade Desk (TTD) and Wise (WISE.L) @UMich @Columbia_Biz. family man. bourbon lover.

  • Jeni Miles

    Jeni Miles

    Apps Growth Consultant @googleplay • Behavioural scientist • Interested in the intersection of tech, wellbeing and sustainability

  • David Britland

    David Britland

    I am a freelance writer and consultant specialising in all areas of deception including psychology, magic, the paranormal, con tricks and illusion.

  • Ms. Lauryn Hill

    Ms. Lauryn Hill

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