I have been chronicling the shifts of Yoga Foster throughout the course of COVID-19. As a small nonprofit that works between the education and wellness industries, we’ve been responding to some pretty significant changes. I feel confident our latest announcement will help us remain a sustainable organization that supports our communities for years to come.

Today we launch our kids yoga and mindfulness app to the public, under our new name and branding: wellemental.co

I’m really excited about this. The content is beautiful. And, we’ve committed to ensuring that 90% of our content is led by teachers of color, with…

Over the past two months, my company Reclamation Ventures created and deployed our first relief fund to support underestimated leaders in the wellness industry. Throughout this process, and as we plan our second relief efforts, I’ve learned so much about rapid relief. Here’s what has worked for us, what I wish I knew before, and how we hope to move forward in future relief funding initiatives.

1. Center those most marginalized.

The virus is not impacting us all equally. As Kerri Kelly states, this virus does not discriminate. Systems do. As funders, we have a responsibility to make sure that we’re focusing relief efforts on…

As the impact of COVID-19 intensifies, more grant opportunities will sprout up for entrepreneurs. Here’s tips for maximizing your likelihood to receive funding.

Image created by Adam Niklewicz. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives — help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Over the past two months a slew of grant opportunities have been offered by federal, state and local governments, foundations and funds, wealthy individuals and corporations alike. With specific focuses, varying factors of eligibility and a wide range of information needed to apply, it easy to feel confused and frustrated with the process and discouraged to apply. But your chances to receive funding increase by crafting a simple and effective application that can also save you time and energy in the long-term. Here are some of my recommendations.

It’s important to note that relief fund efforts, like many forms of…

Exhale is my new series at Yoga Foster on navigating the landscape of education and wellness as a nonprofit during COVID-19. In this week’s recap, I’m sharing how we’re changing what we do to stay aligned with why we’re here. Thanks for reading and supporting our community! This was originally sent to our entire email list.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve created a firm handle on the immediate needs of our educators and students by creating an ongoing series where educators can connect, hosting live yoga and mindfulness sessions daily to break up monotonous days of remote learning, building…

Exhale is my new series at Yoga Foster on navigating the landscape of education and wellness as a nonprofit during COVID-19. In this week’s recap, I’m sharing how we extended our runway and created an entire new product in just a matter of weeks. Thanks for reading and supporting our community! This was originally sent to our entire email list.

How you can help

Subscribe to our YouTube, which is our new studio to support parents and teachers.

Help us raise $5,000 to offset this month’s expenses.

Exhale Chapter 1: Letting Go

COVID-19 disrupted the two communities we love most — schools and yoga studios.

COVID-19 came at a precarious time for us. We recently invested in a…

April 2020

It’s been four weeks since we’ve launched our relief fund initiative to support underestimated individuals and businesses during COVID-19. Here’s our progress and what we’ve learned along the way.

Wait. What’s the Reclamation Ventures Relief Fund?

On March 17, Reclamation Ventures committed to raising and deploying capital in the form of small, one-time direct relief grants to marginalized entrepreneurs in the wellness industry (including both instructors and business owners).


Why are you prioritizing marginalized populations?

To create a space for everyone, we must center the most marginalized and vulnerable — particularly in a time of crisis. Reclamation Ventures is, at its core, committed to…

A person is seen out of focus and upside down, holding a mirror. In the mirror their eye is visible, right side up and clear.

The systemic inequities present in the wellness industry are all the more apparent as our country grapples with a growing outbreak

Wellness is the fastest growing industry worldwide, and as we head into Q2 2020 the hot new workout is the twenty-second hand washing routine. In just a matter of weeks, the coronavirus has knocked the wellness industry off its feet, creating a swift reckoning with our relationship between “health and wellness” and “privilege and access”.

Now, coronavirus itself isn’t responsible for the inequities that persist in wellness. Instead, it’s merely exacerbating them; mirroring systemic inequities that are persisted in…

A visual mockup of the Reclamation Ventures Impact Report

Introducing the Reclamation Ventures 2020 Impact Report, a comprehensive overview of key initiatives transforming the wellness industry.

This report highlights quantitative and qualitative insights from over 500 underestimated wellness entrepreneurs making wellness more accessible for their communities across the U.S. It also offers a quick recap of our work since our launch six months ago.

“Consider this an academically sound, well-referenced middle finger to the industry consistently causing harm against marginalized bodies, and expecting us to do the labor to repair it. …

A person typing on their laptop looking away from the screen, smiling.

Are you rewriting the wellness narrative? Share your story with us. We’re looking for writers, entrepreneurs, practitioners and other leaders with strong, unique insights on the wellness industry. If your submission is accepted you will work with our highly skilled team of editors to sharpen and polish your work.

Submission Details

Please send us your piece via email at hello@reclamationventures.co. The title of the email should include the words “Medium:” followed by the title of your piece. For example, “Medium: What I’ve learned after teaching pilates for 20 years”.

  • Place the entire written piece in the body of the email — no…

Kate Herrera Jenkins in a yoga pose, looking over her shoulder.

Reclamation Ventures has closed its second round of $5,000 impact grants! We’re thrilled to announce that Kate Herrera Jenkins (@sacajamama) is the recipient of our Fall 2019 Impact Grant to support her work at Native Strength Revolution (@nativestrengthrevolution), which “provides yoga training to existing community members who already have relationships with those who live on Indian Reservations.”⁣

“We provide training for Indigenous trainees to teach yoga classes to their own community members. Yoga needs no equipment — only a space and a teacher. Through my yoga business, I have seen transformations elevate people out of obesity, trauma, depression and addiction…

Nicole Cardoza

Executive Director of Yoga Foster, founder of Reclamation Ventures. Passionate about making wellness accessible for all. Follow me on IG @nicoleacardoza.

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